List of Texts

The Son of God The little Garden; or "Fruits of Repentance." "Your Dying Hour"
The Handcuffs A Lesson From An Old Schoolmaster. "Be thou Clean"
"Smashed to Pieces" "Conversion." "Have I repented Enough?
The Lost Ticket The Telescope; or, "How may I know that I have the Right Faith?" "Thy Sins be Forgiven thee"
"Just in Time" Redemption. "When I See The Blood." -- Ex. 12:13. Two Things which God hath Joined Together
"Conversation" Life "Why are ye Troubled?"
"What a Contrast" "The Justifier." How are you to be Saved?
"Progress" Worship; or, "One in ten." Luke 17:12-19. Who is to Blame?
"An Interesting Question" The Burial of the Ethiopian. If thou knewest the Gift of God?
"The Explosion" "The Risen Christ." "Repentance unto Life"
"I have my Ticket" "The Live Bird let loose." Lev. 14:7. What is Good News to a man who feels himself Lost?
"Over Luggage" The Great Supper, or a Promise of one. Read Luke 14:16-24. What is Grace?
How does a man become a Soldier? How did the Jew know his Sin was forgiven? "Hath and "Are"
The Sad, Sad Face! Naaman, the Leper, dipped seven times in Jordan. "The Righteousness of God"
"Must I not strive?" "As it was in the Days of Noah." How can a Sinner be Justified?
The Lunatic and his keeper "As it was in the Days of Lot." How does the Believer know that he is Justified?